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At Sutradhar, acting is not only a means of manifesting one`s dormant talent, but also a tool to recreate one`s personality. Along with imparting the 5 W`s (WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY) of acting, we believe in using one`s body, mind and voice to make a complete performer out of them. Aspects like body language, gestures, postures, mime, observation & imagination exercises, voice & speech exercises, emotional & sense memory, characterization and improvisation constitute a part of the whole range. A participant of our theatre workshop is groomed to become a complete theatre resource. This is why the workshop culminates in a theatre production where all the aspects of a play like choosing/writing a script, direction, production execution, stage management, casting, set, costume & light design, music, make-up and, of course, acting, is handled by the participants themselves under the supervision of the resource personnel. 

Sutradhar`s workshops have been running successfully since 1999, and have identified and trained more than a hundred talents, some of whom have gone on to become successful actors, some have won accolades for their short films, some do regular voice-overs and dubbing for feature films, ad-films and documentaries, and some are assisting big-time film directors. However, all of them retain their loyalty towards theatre.


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