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Theatre and Performing Arts

Theatre is our primary obsession at Sutradhar.

We believe that being one of the most vital of the fine arts, theatre makes for the most interesting medium of storytelling.

We have been practicing theatre in Hyderabad since 1998, having done plays in Hindi, Urdu, English, Hindustani and Dakhani.

Sutradhar makes theatre productions with the central idea of connecting to their audience - telling a tale which gives to or appears to derive from their own lives instead of appearing alien.

We have been known to be very particular about the finer points of the spoken language, since that itself speaks a lot about a people and their culture. We also make it a point to be connected with the author of the scripts we choose. This strengthens the perspective of the script in our productions.

Our rigorous workshops have produced many a theatrical performances resulting in scores of well-toned actors. We have not only travelled the length and breadth of the country, but also visited locations abroad with a few of our productions.


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