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Rehearsal and Performing Space

Sutradhar`s premises have a beautiful aura about itself.

Our rehearsals, which usually happen in the mornings, are made special by birds chirping, pigeons visiting often for a swig of water and a dip, the Tulsi plant in a corner of the attached terrace adding to the beauty.

The main room gives a good feel of most standard stages in Hyderabad in terms of floor dimensions. This room is airy, naturally lit and is not suffocated by the construction next to it (its on 2nd floor in a residential area). It also makes for an ideal performance area for small singing `baithaks`.

There is also a reading room adjacent to the office where one can pick a book of their choice. This room too, is airy and naturally lit. Our library is well-stocked with Hindi, Urdu and English classics spanning a wide range of topics and genres. We are more than pleased to lend our books to whoever is interested, at a deposit fee of Rs. 500/- per a book. 

Along with other necessary facilities, its central location itself is an advantage, and we`re always stocked up with hot beverages and snacks at the nearby breakout area!


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