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Good Bye Swamy

A fugitive on the run enters an ashram whose swamiji gives him refuge and offers him all that he owns, provided he reformed. By a strange quirk of fate the fugitive occupies the seat of the ashram quite unwillingly. Here a stream of devotees blindly follow the diktats of the fraudster and lo and behold, even benefit from his pranks. The play shows how the Indian masses hero-worship, particularly those from the religious class. For them it doesn’t matter who sit at the altar, it is “anyone” who sits there is taken as the ultimate decider of their destiny. The followers range from politicians to housewives to gamblers to acne-ridden girls. The crux of the play is best summed up by the fraud swami himself “saley ek se badh kar ek ghamad hain, jaisi patti padha di padh gaye. Isi ka naam hai Hindustan”. Unfortunately, the parampara (tradition) continues. Written by Sushil Kumar Singh, directed by Professor Bhaskar Shewalkar & Vinay Varma.


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