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Shanivar Ko Do Baje

Shanivar Ke Do Baje cocks-a-snoop at middle-class sexual, moral values. A middle-aged, married man with three kids is having an affair with a not-so-young spinster, and the two have been having a clandestine rendezvous every Saturday afternoon for the past two years, at a borrowed nest. Both are employed, and their relationship goes much beyond the physical. Their love in not conditional. They enjoy a close emotional rapport, but are not definitely the “miss-you” types. In a hypocritical society where “illicit” relationships are looked down upon, these two are neither bogged down by guilt nor share the society’s moralistic platform. Rather, the writer, through these two characters exposes the double standards at their homes, offices, and society, in general. So does morality begin and end with sexual values, is the question? For these two, life however goes on, irrespective of their families and their own future. Written by Surendra Verma, and directed by Professor Bhaskar Shewalkar.


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