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About us

It was a group of young professionals in the early nineties who, while practicing as Actors and Voice Artistes, came together to form Sutradhar. True to the name, they went by Erasmus’ thought:
Concealed talent brings no reputation.

Formally launched in 1996 with its Casting wing, we have seen many a milestones. Sutradhar, as it stands today - a Theatre Group, a Casting House and a Voice and Acting School all rolled into one – is an umbrella of numerous initiatives. Sutradhar is driven by the motivation of making sure that deserving talents are rightly recognized, nurtured and manifested. Having created a strong database of talented artists and counting, Sutradhar has become a hub of Actors, Voice Artistes, Scriptwriters, Translators, Directorial Crew, Technical Crew and many other portfolios. These associations have allowed Sutradhar to venture into production.

The Sutradhar Family is growing every day, adding to the list the names of talented people who are ready to sweat it out, work around the craft with a disciplined approach and give their best each time. Join in, if you’re ready for this.This James Howell quote explains the Sutradhar attitude the best:
An acre of performance is worth the whole world of promise.

Sutradhar’s plays, which are mostly performed in Hindi and Urdu, have been lauded by the audience and received critical acclaim as well, both for their direction and often for the actors’ performances. Sutradhar has had the privilege of performing at premier venues across the country. But we are mindful of our further milestones and would only say what our director Vinay Varma lives by, in the words of Allama Iqbal:

           "Sitaron se aage jahaan aur bhi hain 
                                      Abhi ishq ke imtihaan aur bhi hain!” 


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