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Aatmahatya Ki Dukaan
AATMAHATYA KI DUKAAN is the culmination of an eight-week comprehensive theater workshop, illustrates suicidal tendencies amongst all sections of society. There is one Atpatey Lal who wants to exploit this sentiment and gets the brainwave to open a shop catering to the needs of those who want to commit suicide. No wonder there`s a long queue which wants to utilize his services.

This one-hour long light hearted play is meant for those who want to enjoy an evening out. Like in every workshop production, most actors in this play also are first timers and every aspect of the play has been taken care of by them. Resource persons Prof. Bhaskar Shewalkar and Vinay Varma played a mere supervisory role. Rather than display their acting skills, a workshop production packs into it aspects which the participants picked up during the course of this workshop. 

A script improvised during the course of the workshop displays suicidal tendencies among all.
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