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Isosceles Triangle

The script throws light on some unknown Angles of the Triangle, Written originally in Marathi by Dr. C.H. Phansalkar,
The story of two men and a woman. Appa, Bappa and Sulbha and the story of three lives lived through a triangle. Two men court one woman; while she oscillates between the two alternatively. She is equally in love or in love with the idea of love with both. She is attracted to Bappa`s poetic gentleness and also to Appa`s rawness and rough humour  Perhaps that is why the name Subha, one that can be easily obtained.

The need of a woman to experience love in its various forms: through her heart; mind and her body; her desire to give birth to life inside her; the choices that she makes in order to fulfil them; all these are questions that Sulbha as the one unique arm of the triangle is faced with and which she answers effectively. The play brings to the fore the experience of motherhood:what it means to a woman to create life inside her;how this capability is integral to the completion of her identity as a woman. In the course of this journey, Appa and Bappa become to her merely the means to that end; that of giving birth to her own child; they are to her the two other equal arms which are necessary for the formation of the Isosceles Triangle: life completed as she sees it.

The play directed by Vinay Varma. Cast: Ratika, Phani and Vinay was staged on 06.July, 2011 as part of Rangadhara Theatre Festival.

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