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Kanjoos Makkhi Choose
Kanjoos Makkhi Choose is a Hyderabadi adaptation of French playwright Molière’s “The Miser” Adapted by Sutradhar Directed by Vinay Varma It is a situational comedy, about a sexagenarian, tyrannical and miserly widower Mirza Sakhawat Baig who is hell bent on marrying a beautiful young girl who is fit enough to be his daughter-in-law. He also disapproves of his spendthrift son and intelligent daughter`s respective love match, since they aren`t rich enough for his liking. He insists that his daughter marry a filthy rich old man. Mirza is often confronted by his retinue of servants whom he barely pays. A handsome youngster too is now part of the claustrophobic group. Eventually, the day of his wedding approaches. But by then he seems to have lost a fortune. Who is the girl that he wants to marry, and who turns out to be the youngster that he hires as a servant?
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